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Women’s need in Export and Import Trade

To promote women’s Equality, presence of women in Export businesses is a mandate. But it can be seen a gloomy picture of women involving in Export trade. There are a very handful of successful women Entrepreneurs or Business Women in Export and Import Trade.

To bring a change in the scenario, it is necessary to give full support and assistance to the women folk.

As a support to the Women in business, Government of India has initiated many schemes that would help them in Export and Import Trade and Commerce.

Guidelines of Market Development Assistance of MSMEs (MDA) under International Cooperation (IC) Scheme, Ministry of MSME, GOVT. OF INDIA


The scheme aims to capacity build MSMEs for entering export market by facilitating their participation in international exhibitions/fairs/conferences/seminar/buyer-seller meets abroad as well as providing them with actionable market-intelligence and reimbursement of various costs involved in export of goods and services. The Scheme provides opportunities to MSMEs to continuously update themselves to meet the challenges emerging out of changes in technology, changes in demand, emergence of new markets, etc. Thus, in totality, all components of the scheme aim at various aspects required to advance MSMEs position as emerging export player.

Details of only Sub-Component I

1.1 Sub-Component I: Market Development Assistance of MSMEs (MDA) Physical Medium

Eligible Organisations

Events under the scheme can be organised by: a) Ministry of MSME and organizations under the Ministry; b) State/Central Government Organisations/Institutions; and c) Registered Industry /Enterprise Associations

Terms and Conditions

(i) The applicant organization should be suitably registered under the relevant Act (i.e., companies under the Companies Act, Societies under the Societies Act, etc.) with the primary objective of promotion and development of MSMEs.

(ii) The applicant organization should have regular audited accounts for the past 3 years.

(iii) Events, for which financial support under the Scheme is sought, must be from the list of approved exhibitions/ events/ buyer-seller meets finalized by the Ministry of MSME in each financial year. Financial assistance to one applicant organisation would normally be restricted to three events in a financial year. The Screening Committee may, however, recommend relaxation of this condition for reasons to be recorded and allot more than 3 events.

(iv) The quantum of assistance shall only be supplemental in nature to the contribution of organizer. The Industry Associations/organizations are allowed to participate in a particular event continuously for 3 years. After participating in the particular event continuously for 3 years, they will be eligible to participate in the same event after a gap of 2 Years.

(v) Selection of the participating units shall be based on eligibility score card prescribed under the scheme and in no case an MSME unit scoring less than 60 percent marks will be eligible for availing the benefits under the scheme. The applicant organisation must satisfy itself in this regard before proposing the name of MSME unit in the delegation and any discrepancy, if noticed later, shall be the sole responsibility of the applicant organization.

(vi) While selecting entrepreneurs/participants, the applicant organization should ensure that one MSME unit must not participate in more than 2 events in a financial year under the scheme.

(vii) The applicant organization should also ensure that the selection is done in a fair and transparent manner, taking into consideration factors like track record, growth potential, export potential etc.

(viii) In order to make representation in such events more inclusive and equitable, following guidelines must be followed: Adequate representation would be given to SC/ST/Women/NER entrepreneurs in such events. While selecting entrepreneurs as well as representative(s) of the participating units, priority should be given to persons who have not participated in such events earlier with Government grant.


3.1 Procedure to avail benefits under Sub-Component I: Market Development Assistance The applicant organisation will submit an online application for financial assistance, along with the relevant documents and the budget estimate of the expenditure on the proposed event in the proforma online giving full details of expenditure. The admissible financial assistance would be worked out on the basis of this budget estimate and further at the discretion of the Screening Committee.

3.2 Scale of Assistance and Eligible Items of Expenditure Items of expenditure for which assistance is considered under the scheme are specified below:

3.2.1 Participation of MSME delegations in international exhibitions, trade fairs and buyer- seller meets in foreign countries (PHYSICAL MODE), The minimum number of the MSME units must not be less than 10 in a delegation. One Office Bearer of the participating Industry Association/organization/Society/Trust must be considered for travel along with the delegation. The eligible items for participation of MSME units and the scale of assistance would be as under:




Published by : Ms.Momi Baruah

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