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Today's Women

Updated: May 5, 2023

Women's Financial Planning and Risk Management

Today women have chosen professional careers, they want money, prestige, and power.93% of modern women say financial independence is vital to them, and 62% want more power in politics – in other words, they don’t want to be dependent on men.

Salaried or Businesswoman you need to do the same things as your male counterpart to safeguard your interests and continued financial security of yourself and for those for whom you are responsible. Make A Will take Life, Critical illness Disability, and Long Term Care insurance. Negotiate to protect your financial interest and take appropriate legal advice.


Women enter a time of transition when they marry, become mothers, become widows, divorcees and start working/or a business and retire.

When a woman is divorced, a woman’s standard of living declines too. She loses social standing, medical insurance, and the right to her ex-spouse’s pension among other perks.

Women live longer than men by an average of seven years, couple this with the fact that most women marry men older than themselves and we are looking at least 15 years of widowhood. . 50% of all women older than 65 are widows and frequently suffer a sharp drop in their standard of living

The primary barrier is the high cost of living and skyrocketing health/medical expenses. Women are more prone to prolonged illnesses. After menopause, women are at the same high-risk level as men from heart attacks and strokes. Critical illness, long-term care, and health insurance are more expensive for women than for men. Women need this more than ever to protect their retirement income.

Women are often responsible for the care of an elderly parent, both financially and psychologically, and can suffer from depression and ill health

They typically earn less and spend less time in the workforce, taking time off to have children and look after them. This results in the loss of senior positions and outdated skills. Lower earnings result in lower pensions in retirement. Most women never receive even a basic education in finance until it is too late- which is to say after they get divorced or widowed and suddenly find themselves forced to deal with everything at the worst possible moment. The result is a financial disaster.

There is a great deal at stake for women…single or married, of all ages, incomes, and ethnic backgrounds. This is the time women need to be financially astute.

I tell my women clients; their primary responsibility is to take care of themselves. And the people, you are worried about will be much appreciated that you won't become dependent on them!

Shared by Queen Sandi Rich Saksena

Country Chair UAE Insurance and Risk

Executive Editor UAE - Celestia Magazine

Posted by Dr.Shakti Mishra

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