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Top 10 global rural women entrepreneurs

The global economy of rural entrepreneurs includes the economic activities, contributions, and influence of entrepreneurs operating in rural communities around the world. These entrepreneurs are involved in a variety of business operations that have an impact on the local, national, and even international economy.

Please keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive and just includes a few famous examples:

Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola (Nigeria): Founder of Wecyclers, a social enterprise that promotes recycling and waste management in Nigerian communities.

2.Rina Begum (Bangladesh) - A successful poultry farmer who started her business with microcredit from the Grameen Bank, contributing to her family's economic upliftment.

3.Jamila Abass (Kenya) - Founder of M-Farm, a mobile platform that provides small-scale farmers with real-time agricultural information and market prices.

4.Sunita Devi (India) - A farmer and entrepreneur who started her own food processing business, producing jams and pickles from locally grown produce.

5.Reem Assil (Palestine) - Founder of Reem's California, a bakery and restaurant that combines her Palestinian heritage with culinary entrepreneurship.

6.Veronica D’Souza (Kenya) - Founder of Caritas Migrant, a platform that connects rural Kenyan women with digital work opportunities.

7.Felicia Mabuza-Suttle (South Africa) - An entrepreneur and media personality who has championed rural development and women's empowerment initiatives.

8.Jinghua Yan (China) - Founder of Huishenghuiying, a company that helps rural women access e-commerce opportunities and market their agricultural products.

9.Gladys Nyoth (Cameroon) - Founder of the United Farmers Association, empowering rural women through agricultural training and access to markets.

10.Lemlem Bezabih (Ethiopia) - Founder of Lemlem Farm, an organic farm and training center that empowers women in sustainable agriculture.

Please keep in mind that the status and achievements of entrepreneurs change over time; this list is based on the most recent data accessible on Google.

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