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About Us

She Business Time is for every women who aspire to live their dream

Our Nation needs a transformational change in leadership to shine worldwide prioritizing creativity and innovation. Women are considered as part of nature with infinite energy source from within and this energy multiplication is necessary to bring the change into the reality 
Creativity and Innovation is a gifted quality to every women that she can nurture for herself or pass it on to her child, so it’s very important that we encourage her to develop her leadership qualities  to the mass level and  re build the nation  
Entrepreneur is a catalytic agent of change. It is also instrumental in sustaining the process of economic development. Every country tries to achieve economic development for prosperity and better life standard of its people. Development has economic, social and political dimensions and is incomplete without the development of women who constitute about 50 per cent of total population. So, contribution of women is essential in economic activities for healthy nation building.
Also She business time in association with Janitri working for forward market linkage investing in positive collaboration to grow international business for small women entrepreneurs 
Keeping this on mind a team of women entrepreneurs of India launching the “She Business Time” so that every women of this country inspire to live their dream and motivated enough to carry this to the ultimate success of her and contribute for Nation’s economy and job creation 

This journey of change starts from every common women for her new life




Dr.Rumi Borah


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Content -Editor

Dr.Shakti Mishra 


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Regional Editor

Ms.Usha Rani Devi


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