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Stress Management and NLP!

Updated: May 17, 2023

A women's personal health is of utmost importance from physical, emotional, financial, relationship and spiritual perspectives, in fact from every aspect pertaining to various life stages.

A women's personal health is of utmost importance from a physical, emotional, financial, relationship, and spiritual perspectives, in fact from every aspect pertaining to various life stages.

So, as care champions and empathy practitioners, why not create greater awareness among women about their better health and growth?

Why not care for their well-being in a significant way, as they are the backbone of every family, organization, community, and the whole world?

About a week ago, one of my clients came to me and shared that she is going through a real tough time at home as her spouse has recently been laid off from a high-paying job, and her in-laws are very angry with this unfortunate development in their family.

Their worry is mainly about fulfilling the basic needs of the family in the long run, where a year-old baby is also part of the family.

My client shared three key issues where she needed help:

- How to handle issues pertaining to her spouse's job loss?

- What should she do to make her in-laws happy?

- Where should she invest time and effort to learn new skills so, that she can also support her spouse?

She shared these key questions after doing a lot of brainstorming with me, and she expressed how sad and stressed she feels due to all this.

A women’s health and well-being ensure a family’s state of health. However, looking at the current scenario, holistic health care is the most important aspect to look into compared to prior times when life used to be simpler, especially in the pre-digital era. We are moving forward in the direction of technology, however, human connection is reducing drastically, adding serious challenges along with all the benefits to our lives.

Some questions trouble most of us on a regular basis about stress, Anxiety, Depression and Overthinking (SAD-O) issues for women and men, including our growing kids these days.

How exactly does stress affect us?

Is everyday stress controlling our lives and affecting our well-being?


Do we find ourselves under the control of stressful emotions, and these have started ruling us tremendously?

What is the way out of such situations showing stress, anxiety, depression, and overthinking patterns (SAD-O)?

I'm glad to share a few easy steps to follow and see the changes.

Before that, let’s find out how minimizing our stress level can benefit us and improve our perspectives about life in such a manner as:

"We can be healthier holistically.

People with high-stress levels are prone to metabolic syndromes or endocrine abnormalities, which can cause obesity and hypertension. We can surely minimise our chances of developing heart disease. So, it’s significant to know that lowering our stress level will give our immune system a huge boost, preventing everything from allergies to cancer.

We get better sleep during the night. This improves our overall temperament, not to mention work performance and other health-related aspects.

We are going to be better equipped and capable of improving all of our relationships. Being stressed out takes away from the energy that we put into others. Also, people close to us may have to walk on eggshells due to high-stress levels. We will be much more pleasant and attractive to be around.

We will understand better how stress can keep us from accomplishing our goals. Without distractions and energy displacement caused by stress, we will be free and clear to achieve what we desire.

So, if you are interested in knowing a way out, please continue reading carefully.

We all know and need to remember, "stress encountered in life is inevitable; however, feeling stressed out is not".

The reality is that the body and mind are designed to undergo a certain amount of stress, which, when kept in balance, is good for us. It allows us to maintain self-control, keep up with deadlines, and adapt to change more efficiently.

In recent times, with NLP, it has become easier to stay mindful, and relaxed, maintain the right attitude, and apply smart strategies. Let me tell you the secret so that we can also become one of the few, and proud. Only 2% decide to actively change their lives.

NLP Techniques to Make Stress and Anxiety Go Away Forever

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It is a field of study that looks at how the brain works and how emotions are intertwined with the thought processes in the brain.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming has been called ‘the study of the state of mind for success and excellence’. This is because, if you utilise the exercises and tools associated with NLP, you can learn to accomplish your goals with the power of your mind. Anthony Robbins is the super successful face of NLP.

Oprah Winfrey is an avid supporter of this study as well. Tennis superstar Andre Agassi used NLP techniques, as did business mogul Bill Gates.

People have considered NLP the study of success. So following in the footsteps of those who have achieved it can be an idea worth applying.

Have you ever noticed that we, as humans, are very often stressed out even when we are not concerned by a typically stressful situation?

It happens because we can’t manage our thoughts and we stress ourselves out—our internal dialogues are neurotic, we have unpleasant thoughts and visualisations, or we think badly of ourselves and others.

Our thoughts are intertwined with our physiology.

Even when we are just thinking about stressful things, our bodies automatically get stressed out.

Our muscles start clenching, our forehead wrinkles, and cortisol starts flowing in our veins.

If we change the way we think, we can get rid of negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones. Our body will respond to positive thoughts with deep relaxation.

There was a time when some of us thought NLP was some sort of coo-coo cult. Little did we know that it would be a surefire way to learn how to cope with or solve problems in our lives.

By implementing the techniques and methods of NLP into our daily lives, I was able to keep from becoming a SAD-O statistic of the current times we live in.

I am healthy, calm, stress-free (for the most part), and no longer a victim of stress.

Sharing a few steps to make a stress-free life a reality;

1. Relaxation Techniques:

Deep breathing, relaxation with a straight body posture, positive affirmations (feel them with imagination), and regular self-talk about how blessed you feel for this life

2. Light Ball Therapy:

This is an extremely helpful technique for dealing with pain sensations in our body, which are usually the outcome of diseases in our day-to-day life.

Once we know the self-help techniques to get rid of such health-related obstacles, we would surely be able to make better decisions for overall wellness.

3. Circle of Excellence

Have you had a moment of sheer tranquilly, a moment of peace and calm, where you were at one with yourself? We all have at least one or sometimes several moments in our lives that we can recall as excellent moments of our life.

This exercise/tool will help cement a certain state of being or feeling, into your subconscious so that it will be accessible at any time. You can use the circle of excellence to access that feeling in your subconscious at any time. When you are in a stressful situation, jump into that circle and reclaim the feeling in the here and now.

4. Timeline Technique:

Last but not least, this is one of the most effective techniques to tackle our past issues and move forward in life with no emotional burdens anymore. This technique can be really helpful in erasing negative emotions that were programmed into our subconscious due to past trauma or negative experiences.

The above techniques have been shared to provide insight as to how easy it is to stay away from stress and hence reduce the chances of getting into the trap of emotional health issues, further resulting in serious diseases.

So, the final words are START IMMEDIATELY - Only today, only now.

This step is a very crucial one. Take a stopwatch or alarm clock and set it for e.g. 15 minutes and start: exercising, visualising, relaxing, and doing everything you’ve read about. Do what needs to be done. Pick the techniques you like the most. The frequency of doing something is responsible for creating new habits (and new neural pathways in your brain).

These were some of the ways to see how NLP (NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming) plays such a vital role in our lives.

I wish all our beautiful women leaders and entrepreneurs a stress-free life. Empowered women inspire every family member in a positive way!

Shared by Ms.Anushri Bhattacharjee

National President - Empathy and Emotional Well-being -Council

Posted by Ms.Momi Baruah

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