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Queen Sandi is Rocking at 70

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Sandy finds it so motivating and empowering to be able to decide for herself.

She embarked on a voyage, an expedition of adventure, to spread her wings and fly.

For her, life is simple it’s about being healthy happy, and financially secure, having the freedom both financially and emotionally to live life on her terms. She grew up a much-loved child happy and content, she doesn’t recall having to struggle for anything, things just came her way, smooth sailing……

She started her married life in Kuwait happy wife, and a happy mom in her family. Her husband’s prospects improved by leaps and bounds, they were truly living not the good life but the amazing life. They have middle-class families that lived a good life on carefully planned budgets. However soon the budget lifestyle gave way to the splurge style and for 15 years it was an easy street! People get used to anything in a year, 20 years this was THE LIFE It could only get better. Her kids grew up in this it was the only life they had experienced, 5-star all the way – home, schools, vacations, travel luxury living!

Dreams descended to nightmares as she sets foot in Dubai. She was so impressed in her role as the supportive dutiful wife and she never questioned the move to Dubai, feeling secure in the knowledge that they would continue their journey onwards and upwards. The decision, the timing, impact, the repercussions, consequences nothing was discussed, she just accepted! The contract her husband had signed fell through and with it, their lives were thrown into turmoil. She was ‘Snow White’ living in her dreams, in the passenger seat, (She had replaced herself as the driver of her life) on cruise control, oblivious, till they hit the worst financial roadblock, dead halt! Shaken from her slumber, as usual, she looked to her spouse to fix it

Dreadfulness, Anger, Frustration, Confusion, Resentment, Misery, and words were not enough to express the feelings they were experiencing. No income, to cover rent and groceries school/college fees, They were down to borrowing from her wonderful always supporting family. Like all Indians she too bought gold jewelry to wear, and enjoy but never kept receipts as never in her wildest dreams did she see herself selling her jewelry. On her 3rd trip to the gold s in Dubai, she was told not to come back as they would have to inform the CID as she was bringing large amounts of gold to sell with no proof of purchase!

Seeing her kids being sucked into hopelessness confusion, and difficulty in concentrating at school and university exacerbated her anxieties and fears for her family. Marital bliss was now marital misery. She lived in fear of creditors and eviction notices. Her spouse was suffering from insomnia, racing heartbeats, and fatigue. Her husband collapsed at a meeting and was rushed to the emergency and admitted to ICU. She reached the government hospital and broke down when she saw him lying in the general ward still in his suit pant and shirt. This was a man who had had top-of-the-line medical insurance and had been treated only in the best hospitals no expenses spared and here he lay in a general ward because they had no money, and no insurance. She felt emotionally and psychologically shattered that her sense of security, was crumbling making her feel helpless in a precarious world. Confusion, fear, panic, and more!

The need of the hour, she was going to get a job and contribute to our financial welfare.

From ‘No experience, Are you for real?’ to ‘Lady at your age,(44) seriously? You gotta have more than dress well, speak well!’ Dismissed by supercilious HR managers and having exhausted all her friendly connections, her tenacity and belief in herself were just too strong. She wasn’t going to surrender to circumstances and no one was going to dictate what she could and would do except her.

While she was in hot waters the intensity of the heat increased her faith in the Almighty, Her Creator, The Universe call it what you may be restored, and she prayed with full faith never doubting that this too would pass. Absolute Belief and Clear Intent.

Her prayer was ‘please open a door for her to step in and she would do all in her power and will succeed’. No what type of door just a door. And no matter how many times I was rejected she never questioned or complained her prayer never changed.

Her prayers were answered in the form of an announcement in the classifieds (remember she was not ‘experienced’ or ‘qualified’ so she had stopped looking) but on that day in November 1996 her attention was drawn as the announcement was in a bold black border it read


She was so overwhelmed by this answer to her prayers she started crying – tears of gratitude, joy, and relief. She went to the seminar with the attitude that the job assignment was already her, she just had to show up, and that is exactly what happened. she was offered the job of a financial planning consultant but with NO Salary, Only commission. She felt herself crumble, she was looking for a fixed income, and in that state of mind, she could not, did not see the potential for unlimited income. Her boss brought a semblance of order to her confusion which was so clouded by fear and panic.

Selling Life Insurance in the UAE in the 90s was a challenge!

Attitude, Belief, Courage/Charisma, Determination, and loads of Energy are important elements of her success. When people treated her with disdain, were rude, abrupt, and angry she followed the advice of her boss –‘develop a thick skin don’t let people’s behavior determine your attitude’ He said to focus on what you need and want to earn, set your financial goals for the year then break it down into monthly goals and start working on those.

It was an effort for her to prospect but she threw all qualms out of the window, she knocked on doors…. Cold calling, countless phone calls, joined networking groups! No matter how many rejections she never lost faith. As she developed confidence and her income grew she learned many lessons that she keeps in mind today...... Your Network is your Net worth so be selective about your associates. There is money so let go of people/projects that don’t serve you

She finds it so motivating and empowering to be able to decide for herself what she wants to do and know the simple yet effective rules she must follow to fulfill her desire to do what she wants. Upgrades in different areas of her life Her income grew so did her knowledge, and personal and professional development. She discovered facets of her that excited and energized her. The Universe did not just open a door it opened a gateway, a myriad of possibilities! She studied, got certified, qualified for international conventions, invited to speak in different countries.

2000, a near-death experience on the operating table gave her a new lease on life. She found herself on the path of self-discovery a trajectory that continues to this day ….. she rose from the immersion of self for others to Her for Her. She rediscovered her true self. She is in the driver’s seat. Family members observed this change. The spouse was not very accepting! Here’s the lesson when you carry on regardless of those around you will learn to accept and support

Her children suffered when we slid downhill. Confusion, fear and more resulted in recalcitrant behavior, falling grades at school and university, and more. She was torn between being emotionally present and strong for them and focusing on her new job. They were used to mom being home with them, for them now it was no money no mom sort of fend for yourself. However, the bond of love and motherhood proved way stronger! Her kids are her biggest supporters and cheerleaders!!

She embarked on a voyage, an expedition of adventure, to spread her wings and fly. She discovered her hidden talents and abilities. It was not all smooth sailing but when you persevere and don’t give up and stop sacrificing yourself for others, they soon get the message and ‘accept’.

Skydiving, Zip lining, water rafting, mushing with the huskies in the Arctic circle, experiencing Ayahuasca in Peru pilgrimages to Mount Kailash walking at 18,500 feet, she continues to seek out physical and mental challenges

Life experiences are one’s best teacher and what it has taught her is that all the answers and the solutions lie within. She has turned into her internal GPS her intuition, inner voice, her soul!

Today age 70 she has her work, her seminars, her writing her speaking engagements, TV, and radio fitness challenges and to add walking on the ramp as a model

Emotionally Empowered!!

She quoted her words as follows

In essence, my life, be it successes or challenges has taught me

To be myself I am unique like my fingerprint!

The only constant in life is change

Expectations and fears limit my possibilities

I consciously believe that I am capable enough of accomplishing any and every task that I take on and I will succeed in the situation despite the circumstances

Money talks longest and loudest but you are in control

Money is your lifelong companion from the day you are born till the day you die treat it with respect.

Look in the mirror, that’s your only competition

Dr.Rumi Borah

Editor in chief - She Business Time


Feb 07, 2023

Thank you Dr. Rumi Borah She Business Times and Janitri International for this wonderful article on me. !!!😘

Feb 09, 2023
Replying to

Thanks, ma'am, it's really inspiring to know about your journey of love and courage, we are confident that all women will vibrate with the same frequency you share with your words, more power to you, keep growing, keep inspiring 🌸

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