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Janitri organised their talk show series ” Her journey of love and courage” with Dr.Rabiaah Bhatia

Women’s entrepreneurship has been recognized during the last decade as an important untapped source of economic growth. We believe that it is very important for us to inspire, motivate and encourage women to participate more in entrepreneurial opportunities. If a woman is successful in her entrepreneurial venture, she will not only create wealth for herself and her organization but raise the nation’s standard of living and the Indian mindset which sees a woman as a follower rather than a doer.

Dr Rabiaah’ Bhatia who is an inspiration to many women entrepreneurs is a Mompreneur, Founder & Director- eD WebStudio Channel, Global Speaker & SDGAmbassador, World Record Holder, Mentor of Change with Niti Aayog and ATAL, Thought Leader and Author, HR Professional and Sr Legal Media Advisor

The event was hosted by Dr.Rumi Borah, founder and director of Janitri,KRB Foundation.

During the show Dr.Rabiaah Bhatia explained about her journey and how she manages her journey of love and courage with her two children and able to establish herself inspite of all challenges,she also mentioned that it is very important to work on personal branding and PR for your business growth

Janitri wishes Dr. Rabiaah a very successful journey as women entrepreneurs and also empower her so that she can inspire many more women entrepreneurs to pursue their dream and contribute for nations growth story

Be the change and take part in our nation’s growth story as successful women entrepreneurs and Janitri would like to share your journey of love and courage

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