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Health Care for Rural Women Entrepreneurs

Keeping in view the true spirits of women who want to achieve their dreams, they need to be in a space with immense strength and motivation.

Rural women entrepreneurs are nowadays coming up with unique ideas and thoughts to contribute to making their dreams come true. Rural women entrepreneurs are breaking stereotypes and developing a new rural economy. However, in order to achieve her dreams, she needs to be in good and sound health too. Every woman tends to forget about her health when it comes to her family and other duties. A good amount of healthcare is needed for rural women who want to pursue their dreams. Thus, the government should take the initiative to improve the health condition of female entrepreneurs who aspire to dream further.

Some of the healthcare strategies that can be followed - Proper hygiene and reproductive care:

1. Proper hygiene and reproductive care-

Women often neglect the bodily changes during the menstrual cycle and

during pregnancy. She needs medical supervision and regular check ups

to prevent any complications related to it. So, women should take care

of health and should be cautious when she encounters any bodily


2. Mental overloading-

Women try to complete many tasks together to save time and manage

other stuffs. Female entreprenuers in rural areas get engrossed in too

many activities like house, children, taking care of elders and storage of

food , etc. So, it impacts their mental health badly. And it creates a

barrier in the path of their passion. Hence, Proper education about self

management and division of the work has to be done and taught to the

women in each section of the rural areas.

3. Ergonomical modification and proper work environment-

In rural areas due to lack of proper sitting and standing props, women

hesitate to take up any work and complete it . No sequencing of tables,

chairs and other furniture items leads to musculoskeletal injuries and

pain by sitting on floor and uneven surfacesthat leads to disappointment

and lack of motivation.

Better ergonomical modification with facilities like chair with back

support and posture control should be provided to avoid any distracting

physical symptoms.

4. Body pain and Joint pain-

Women are more prone to get arthritis and other joint issues because of

the hormone changes in body and mostly due to post covid symptoms.

She can take expert opinion through telemedicine system and reach out

for help. This reduces the agony and regularization of the body

mechanics thus reducing the fatigueness and soreness while work.

5. Women and child health-

Women face issues mostly during the pregnancy time in rural areas with

less medical care in antenatal and postnatal stage. So, she suffers many

physical and mental problems. Regular programmes and events should

be conducted in those areas to create awareness about the

consultations and meet ups with medical experts at each phase of


Government has got a great role to play in the enhancement of every

women’s health aspect. The family members too should be aware and

should come foreward to help the lady leader of the family.

If health is compromised then no dreams will be achieved and it will stay

hidden. Every women who dreams need the right support and

encouragement to excel towards her unique talent.



Shared By Dr.Shakti Mishra (PT)

Published By She Business Time

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