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Celebrating the Power of Womanhood

Updated: May 17, 2023

It is undoubtedly a significant time for the world to recognize the benefits of women in leadership, and to commit to placing even more women in positions of power.

It is undoubtedly a significant time for the world to recognize the benefits of women in leadership, and to commit to placing even more women in positions of power.

Women are powerful agents of change, and the far-reaching benefits of diversity and gender parity in leadership and decision-making are increasingly recognized in all spheres. In spite of that, women continue to be vastly under-represented in decision-making in politics, businesses, and communities, notwithstanding the fact that women as leaders and decision-makers at all levels are extremely critical towards advancing gender justice and gender equality and furthering economic, social, and political progress for all. Why does this happen?

In many parts of our world, even now, when girls hit puberty, they are made to drop out of school forcibly because they are considered fit for marriage and bearing children, while boys of the same age still enjoy their childhood and youth. Given a choice between a boy and a girl sibling, the parents and family still prefer to continue with the education of the boy while denying even the most basic education to the girls. It's high time that the world realizes that a girl’s education not only empowers families but also communities and the economy.

It’s because of HER education that we all do better. Well, if there is one thing that we women are so well trained to do, it is to put the needs of others before our own. We have been trained since our childhood to be good daughters, good sisters, good wives, and good mothers. The extent to which other people need us, depend on us, and fulfill their every expectation, is how we think of ourselves as worthy. The more we take care of others and the more we place their needs before ours, the worthier we think we are.

It is time for us women to change the paradigm. No longer do we need to feel embarrassed or ashamed to love ourselves, completely, wholly, and first. In fact, the more we treat ourselves as completely celebratory, sovereign, and worthy in every aspect, the more we will teach our future generation to honor who it is they are and to honor each other. It is vitally important to educate our young girls since childhood that they do not have to give in and fit into gender-stereotyped roles ordained by a rigid patriarchal societal system, that they are completely free to chase their dreams, passions, and ambitions and thereby become the best, highest and truest versions of themselves, they can be fierce and fearless in acknowledging and embracing their flaws and imperfections and wear them proudly as their badges denoting who it is they are in reality. We need a progressive and transformational education system that can educate our girls and daughters to unapologetically love and accept themselves for who they are - completely, wholly, and first. And this begins with placing us, the women, as role models to our girls and daughters - at the top of the ladder, at the front of the line and at the best seat at the table.

Shared by Prof. (Dr.) Shauli Mukherjee

Director of the School of Education and Associate Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Culture Studies at Adamas University India.

Posted By Dr.Shakti Mishra

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