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An effort by Indian women entrepreneurs to improve trade ties between India and Bangladesh

Bangladesh has done well on social indicators and has been able to make the transition from an agrarian economy to one that is more dependent on manufacturing and services during the past 50 years. In the current top five developing countries, Bangladesh is It has experienced average Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rates of more than 6% for the past ten years and above.

Tech entrepreneur Seema Sarkar, director of openmode solution pvt ltd, and an Indian woman entrepreneur made an attempt to improve economic ties between Bangladesh and India.

She organised the " International Business Exchange Programme" in Kolkata, India, on August 12, 2023, at ROOFTOP,OYO TOWN HOUSE 060, 2, NO, GATE AIRPOR

The event was organised in association with International Business Network, Openmode Solution Pvt. Ltd., and Janitri (KRB Foundation).

Many Dignitaries from both countries participated and signed the MOU for their mutual benefit.

There were around 40–50 people present to grace the occasion from diverse backgrounds.

Janitri International in association with She Business Time organised a felicitation ceremony to encourage the work done by women leaders from both countries. The names of the women leaders presented with the Shepreneurs Awards were

1. Nazratun Nayeem Director- International Business Network Limited (IBN) Deputy Managing Director - STC Overseas Education 2. Shabnam Hoque Nipa Director - Enam International Migration Consultants 3. Debamita Nath Guha Assistant Professor and HoD Political Science Budge Budge College 4. Ratna Atiqur Director -Peace Tourism 5. Poonam Khanra Entrepreneur Strategy Marketing 6. Seema Sarkar Founder Director - Openmode Solution Pvt. Ltd

Ms.Jayati Mukherjee, President of WB Chapter, Ms.Vandana Teji, ,Global Project Head of Janitri, and Ms.Shweta Jha ,felicitated the women on behalf of Janitri as an organization

The programme aims to assist the business community and promote cross-border business interactions and information sharing. It will offer a unique opportunity for both new and seasoned business owners to interact, network, and share concepts that will advance their industries.

Dr. Rumi Borah, the founder of Janitri International (KRB Foundation), extended her congratulations to all female leaders who were able to receive the Shepreneur Award and expressed her optimism for the advancement of sustainable global growth through the economic empowerment of women.

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