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“She dreamt about success and simply started working for it”

She Business Time has the privilege of speaking with an esteemed media professional who sets a fine example of women empowerment through her work. She has travelled extensively and is always sensitive towards cause related to women and child education.

To start, could you tell us a bit about your background and your journey in the media industry?

Certainly. My journey in the media industry began in 2010. I started as a young journalist, and realized the immense power media holds in shaping opinions and influencing societal change. Over time, I became increasingly aware of the disparities and challenges that women face. Education is the sole medium which can propel them further and give them the wings they need. Can you share some of the key initiatives or projects you've been involved in and what made you feel empowered. I've been fortunate to work on several impactful projects. Initially I used to cover education, so I got to learn a lot from the educators. Next, I got to travel extensively to China, Brunei, Turkey among other places which surely added a lot more colours on my feather. I had the needed exposure and could acquaint myself well with different places people and culture. Surely, travel gave me one of the kind experience and idea on how people live globally. Interacting with people from various genres of life surely expanded my horizon. I came across women who struggled, achieved and inspired many lives. What do you see as the role of media in advancing women's empowerment, and how do you think it can be more effectively leveraged? Media has a major role in shaping societal norms and perceptions. It can either reinforce gender biases or challenge them. Nowadays, media is providing a platform for diverse voices. Stories of resilience and success is being shared, so media is obviously inspiring a change. What are some of the major challenges that media professionals face when advocating for women's empowerment, and how can these challenges be overcome?

There are several challenges based on stereotypes and biases which are deeply ingrained in both content creators and audiences. It requires a concerted effort to unlearn and reframe our perspectives. We need better policies and mentorship programs to address discrimination in careers. We can also look for funding opportunities for gender-focused media projects. What message would you like to share with aspiring media professionals? Be bold, be fearless, and be persistent. Your work can be a powerful catalyst for change. Always strive for accuracy and authenticity in your reporting. Listen to genuine stories and amplify their voices. But any change takes time and every story, every article, every documentary can make a difference. Try to make a more equitable and empowered world through your work. What would you suggest for women who wish to achieve success?

I dreamt of success and simply started working towards it. So, stop thinking about being perfect. We all have a unique story so allow yourself to be known and heard in your own authentic voice. You will simply go where you want to be in the end. About Hena Ahmed:

Hena Ahmed is a media and communication professional. She has worked with the Times of

India, Ministry of Culture, and an international travel magazine. She has travelled extensively and was awarded with the Iron lady award by Awaaz foundation in the year 2020. Currently she was supporting plus size women to showcase their skill set in an event. In the days ahead intend to come up with a woman support or help group.

She is currently writing for a Delhi based media called Awaz-The Voice on food, travel and fashion. She strongly believes that “If we educate a girl child, we educate the entire society”.

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