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Rina begum's journey of empowerment through Agribusiness

Rina Begum's path to empowerment through agribusiness is inspiring. She represents hope for other women in her community and beyond.

Begum (35), a homemaker from Dhutrahati hamlet in Nagarkanda, Faridpur, embarked on a life-changing adventure.

Her first credit came from a local microfinance institute.assisted by the Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia -Mechanisation and Irrigation (CSISA-MI) project enabled her to

Purchase a new seeder attachment for the family's power tiller.Soon after purchasing the power tiller operated seeder.(PTOS), she was instrumental in the establishment of their company.which provides planting services to other farms.

While her husband, Firoz Molla (45), a seasoned machinery mechanic and CSISA-MI trained PTOS operator, operated the machine in the field, she eagerly talked with her client farmers, collected payments, and tracked incomes and expenditures. Rina also actively encouraged others to become businesses like her at numerous social gatherings.

Rina's profit in 2017 was tk. 50,000 (US$ 595), which enabled her to pay for her second daughter's wedding, an investment that she was really pleased with. She used her tk. 40,000 (US$ 476) profit from this year to renovate her home, buy new furnishings, and construct a tubewell for safer drinking water.

Her third daughter, Zannatul (10), and youngest son, Riadul (9), may now attend school, which makes her extremely happy. "With proper education, they should be able to break the curse of poverty," she remarked. They are our only hope."

Aside from caring for her family and the business, she also accompany her husband to the field where he delivers agricultural services. Their collaboration, as well as CSISA-MI's assistance for female entrepreneurs, aided in the expansion of their profitable business. With her newfound confidence and astute field observations, she intends to purchase a CSISA-MI promoted reaper to expand her firm into harvesting, which should create more profit. Rina strongly feels that more women should be involved in agri-business since it represents a big chance to improve women's empowerment and break the poverty cycle in southern Bangladesh.

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