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Kiran's Story of Love and Courage

Updated: May 6, 2023

Ms. Kiran Boro is a fashion entrepreneur, social activist, former model and government employee who bagged the title of Mrs Universe Exquisite in the year 2017 while competing with 89 other countries in South Africa. She has experienced a number of major life events over the course of her life, all of which have helped to shape the person she is today: “an active supporter of societal fairness, a voice for the powerless, and a pillar of strength for the vulnerable.”

Today she travels around the globe in attempts to raise awareness about the textile and tourism industry of Bodoland. To date, she has been to over 8 countries through means of her philanthropic work, where she aims to bring Northeast into the spotlight at a national as well as international level.

Ms Boro had her true calling in life when she started her journey into independence one fine day in the year 2004 along with her 7-year-old child as she moved into the city of Guwahati, Assam. As it turned out, Ms Boro's life had only begun as she encountered the most difficult moments of her life when her marriage fell apart following a traumatic separation. Despite the challenges, Ms Boro overcame them and continued to live the remainder of her life with a strong will and determination to help herself and others in distress. Simultaneously, the crisis turned into one of the most inspiring turnarounds that motivated Ms Boro to follow her life's purpose which is to "raise her voice, empower and support those in need."

Since then, she has worked with numerous local, national, and international organisations to address societal problems like witch-hunting, domestic violence, self-harm, and stigmas associated with mental illness, among others. She finally established her own charity foundation, "Kkiran Foundation" with the objective of providing support to the vulnerable and marginalised. With an emphasis on women and children,

During the pandemic, Ms Boro also took a lot of initiatives to help the local migrant workers get back to their homes safely during the hard times. Ms Boro frequently emphasises the value of good deeds and how, even under tough circumstances, a good deed no matter how small may have a significant impact.

The socioeconomic scenario in Assam's most rural and remote regions is often severely impacted by such adversities. Hence, by bridging the gap between conventional weaving commodities and contemporary market demands, Ms. Boro established a weaving centre with the goal to revolutionize Assam's handloom industry as well as help rebuild the local community from scratch at her hometown in Bodoland. Ms Boro founded the first weaving center in Niz Mugalbecha and has enabled many unemployed women and youth in finding jobs.

Presently, Ms Boro continues to empower women, youth, and children every day through various programmes and projects by guiding them on their path to empowerment and independence.

Shared by Ms.Kiran Boro, Owner of the Kiran Boro Foundation

Posted by Dr. Rumi Borah

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