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Julee's weaving story of empowering women

Arpi's Handlooms arose from an innate desire to grow alongside every woman in her neighbourhood and community. Julee Dehingia's singular focus throughout the years has made her a household name in upper Assam. She is not only encouraging entrepreneurship among local women, but also instilling confidence in them, thereby conserving Assam's indigenous art form.

Julee, a graduate from Dibrugarh University in Upper Assam, came to dwell in Golaghat in 2013.She wanted to accomplish something good for herself and society, but she needs money.She discovered that every tribal woman in Assam, like herself, is born with the ability to weave.With a seed fund of 25,000 INR amassed over the years and the help of only one weaver, she founded the weaving movement.She now has six employees, all of them are rural women who work and earn with her.

Due to limited resources and infrastructure, other village women operate in the form of a cooperative for Julee, weaving at their homes and selling the product directly to her in case of large orders, who promote and sell their handlooms and pay them well. She is now the rural women's only hope.

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