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Grace's Journey of love and Courage

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Grace Tolentino owns and operates multiple privately held companies. She is the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Boracay Capital Holdings. Under her leadership, the firm has grown into a global leader in investment and advisory solutions. Boracay Capital's mission is to help investors build a better financial future. The firm has gained the trust of investors, managing more money than ever and achieving investor confidence. Prior to founding Boracay Capital, Ms. Grace led multiple companies, serving as the Chairman and CEO of Boracay Beach and the President of Akamai Holdings and its subsidiaries. She has been involved in strategic investments in luxury lifestyle, private equity, real estate, banking and finance, fintech, technology, hospitality, tourism, and other relevant sectors globally, encompassing both retail and wholesale businesses.

Currently, Ms. Grace holds the position of Philippine Ambassador for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). She is also a member of the Forbes Women Forum, an Ambassador in the World Leader Summit, a member of the Executive Committee of the World Wealth Forum, a former Senator for the World Business Angels Forum, and a former Chairman of the Global Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines

Women Investor

Grace is a certified alumna of Harvard Business School, having completed the Global Entrepreneurship and Economics Course. She earned a certification with a concentration in Finance and Investments from the World Bank. Additionally, she holds a bachelor's degree in Tourism Management from the University of the East. Ms. Grace has been featured in world-renowned documentaries, books, and magazines, including Smart Entrepreneur, She Business Time, Affluent Luxe World, CEO Magazine, Her Entrepreneur, Pacific Asia Tourism Association, Fox News, Who is Who, and Credentials of Entrepreneurs. In these publications, she takes on the challenge of building a billion-dollar business in the modern age of finance and investment. Grace has consistently received prestigious accolades in global award ceremonies, which serve as a testament to her progressive business performance. She has been recognized as the Most Iconic Woman of the World, One of the Most Inspiring Women of the Year, and has been awarded as a Woman to Look up to. Additionally, she has been named among the Top 100 Most Influential Filipino Women on LinkedIn and recognized as an Influential Filipino Woman in Investment and Finance. Grace has also received the Global Filipino Entrepreneur Awards, among many other honors. Boracay Capital Holdings has achieved remarkable success on a large scale in the Philippines, Asia Pacific, and around the world, winning numerous accolades. The company has been recognized as the Best Investment Management and Advisory Firm, the Most Trusted Investment Management Firm, and the Most Innovative Investment Management Firm. Furthermore, Boracay Capital Holdings has been honored as the Best Private Equity Firm, among other notable achievements.

Janitri Global Business and Investor Summit
Janitri Global Business and Investor Summit

During an exclusive interview with She Business Time, Grace Tolentino shared her journey of love and courage

1.Tell us about your journey of love and courage? I personally believe that good things transpire when you love what you do, it drives me to work and turn my vision into reality. Courage must be executed to make the impossible possible. In Boracay Capital, we positioned ourselves with a commitment to be one step ahead, to be prepared, and with a new mindset to be "Future Ready Now." We remain customer-centric, not just within the region but internationally. We embarked on our growth story with a vision of "Embracing Change for a Better World and Always Passionate to Bring the New into the World." 2. How can women navigate power structures? In Boracay Capital, we have made giant strikes in building global network, finance and system aligned with Environmental, Social, and Governance ( ESG ) and sustainability.

3. How do you balance work and life responsibilities? I believe in setting achievable goals and priorities both professional and personal responsibilities. Focus on what is important. 4.Do you experience resistance when you are leading men? I have good experience in working with men, we are blessed to have experienced leaders in our team, and majority of those are men who are supportive and competent people that subscribed with our vision. 5.What are the secrets to your success? Compete with yourself, not with others. 6.How did you persevere through the tough times? We see the challenges as opportunities. We did the right thing at the right time and it's brought us to where we are today- characterized by strong elements of results orientation. We continue to innovate; we are evolving and with remarkable value creation capabilities. 7.What do you want to achieve next? We will continue to build new and better ways of finance and spur investments throughout the region and beyond with a clear focus on driving growth, innovation and digital transformation across our platforms. 8.What are some of the challenges you face regarding catalyzing innovation? I see more opportunities than challenges. We have the right structure in place, and we are ready in keeping up to that phase, and going beyond to doing more, setting new goals to achieved and putting consistent hard work towards our mission and objectives. 9.What are your tips for growing a company? We differentiated our approach to investing and building value designed to sustained our businesses with long-term success, which we believe is characterized by consistent, repeatable processes that are scalable and lead to compelling investments in any market environment. 10. Please tell us more about your organization and how women can get benefited from it. As an active investor, Boracay Capital employs a long-term approach, spur innovation, drive operating results and accelerate growth. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our relationships, value creation, and collaboration and look forward to the future as we inevitably continue to grow and innovate globally. Clearly, Boracay Capital helps women economic empowerment through greater access to finance and is a leading voice for women's leadership in financial services.

Shared by Hon. Amb. Grace Tolentino,Chairwoman Boracay Beach Inc. (BBI) and President, Akamai Holdings Inc

Published by Dr. Rumi Borah,Editor-In-Chief - She Business Time.


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