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Anushri's Empathy and Healing Mantra

Updated: May 6, 2023

Anushri is an Adventurous soul, curious, and a believer in doing things in new & different ways. She follows the path of creativity & innovation.

When she was born as a second girl child, her parents were extremely happy on her arrival, however, the neighbors and other people in their family & friends were really sad.


Because she was the 2nd girl child of her parents. The place where they lived was a small & very well-planned town. However, the mindset of the people wasn’t that well-planned.

They kept trying their best to convince the family to have one boy after two girls so that they could have a better future when they become old.

She tries & follows self-efficacy in life. A person with a sense of self-efficacy views challenges as things and opportunities that are supposed to be mastered and utilized rather than threats to avoid.

Anushri holds remarkable experience in transformational mindset coaching using neuro-linguistic programming & other strategic leadership techniques.

She is passionate about training & mentoring people who approach her, for effective decision-making abilities, so that they can remain resourceful and apply appropriate leadership strategies which help them in producing desired & long-lasting results.

She has been appointed as National President - of WICCI, Empathy & Emotional Wellbeing as a Pioneering Part of the Council.

She has been awarded as Exceptional Woman Of Excellence 2022 by the Women Economic Forum (WEF).

She is a Promising Women Leader Of The Year 2022

awarded by the Asian African Chamber Of Commerce, and also received the Woman Of Excellence - 2021 award from the Indian Achievers forum.

Anushri has diversified corporate experience of about 20 years, out of which for the past 5+ years she has been dedicatedly working in the field of Transformational Coaching & Mentoring.

Shared by Ms. Anushri Bhattacharjee,National President - of WICCI, Empathy & Emotional Wellbeing as a Pioneering Part of the Council.

Posted by Dr. Rumi Borah

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