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Raising your kids as good human beings

All working parents find it very difficult to strike a balance between work, family and personal space . We constantly fight to win a situation whether it's home, work or personal matters. In all these, sometime the most precious and vulnerable get caught in between. Yes, our kids!

Children need time, attention and love. To the kids, love means attention. And attention need time. And time is always so short for working parents! I believed communication is the key here. Be honest with your kids and talk to them about it. You will be surprise, sometimes they give you the best ideas of how to have a meaningful time together!

Like adult children also have their worries and troubles. Their problems might seem so simple and silly. Nevertheless they need to be heard and discussed. Offer them your help to reached their own solution. They will appreciate and will know where to turn to when they are in trouble next time.

Motivation is the key to success. Children have less experience of life. So you can fill them with with stories of your own experiences. Share your success and joys as well as failures and fears.

We often feel we know our children because we are their parents. But it's not always true! They are a lot more than just your children. Travelling together is one of the best way to know each other. Travelling create a bond and help to understand one another better. So take time for a vacation or holidays. Fill your children with memories they can cherish forever.

Children are the citizens of tomorrow. They are the future of the country. Help them to understand the unity and diversity of the land. What better way than introducing them to the intricacy of our societies. Allow them to enjoy festivals and functions with relatives, friends and neighbourhoods. This will help them to cultivate respect for all cultures and communities of our country. This will enable them to become great leaders in future.

Dr.Irine Beypi

Janitri Healthcare Team

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