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Government Initiative for rural women entrepreneurs

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

New economic prospects for women in rural areas of the nation have been created by rural entrepreneurship. These rural women are changing and becoming more empowered through business, which also improves their economic situation.

Women make up around 48% of the population in a nation like India. According to the Seventh Economic Census from 2019, only 14% of them pursue entrepreneurship. According to the 2014 NSSO Report, there has been a decrease in the population of working women. Compared to their counterparts in cities, this drop is more pronounced among rural women. With such a small proportion of female entrepreneurs, it is difficult to see a viable future. When more women engage in entrepreneurship and other economic activities, it is predicted that the GDP of the nation will increase by $0.7 trillion by 2025. The need for women's employment has also been highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to MSME Minister Mr. Narayan Rane, there are numerous opportunities for women in the MSME sector.He declared that by giving women possibilities for self-employment, the drive will help them become independent and self-sufficient. In accordance with SAMARTH, 20% of the seats in programmes for free skill development that are offered through the ministry's skill development initiatives would be reserved for aspiring and established women entrepreneurs. In 2022–2023, more than 7,500 women will profit from this.

Additionally, under the marketing support programmes put in place by the ministry, 20% of MSME company delegations sent to local and foreign exhibits will be made up of women-owned MSMEs. Additionally, in 2022–2023, women business owners can benefit from a 20% discount on the annual processing charge for commercial NSIC plans.

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